Hair transformations can be a great way to revamp your style with the changing of the seasons. We’ve all seen the numerous amounts of articles that all sway you in the direction of a new fringe or a bold new cut. However, what we seem to have not seen enough of is the embrace of the ‘grown out’ hair trend. Sometimes, just having the sheer patience to grow out your hair after a long period of time is one of the coolest and boldest hair trends you could rock. Don’t believe us? Then let’s take a note from one of the most gorgeous A-list celebrities to walk the red carpet.

Actress, Blake Lively, has always been a huge fan of the grown out hair. In fact, Blake’s gorgeously sun kissed blonde hair is one of her well-known trademarks. Recently, Blake has gone a bit MIA with the birth of her first daughter with husband and actor, Ryan Reynolds. Due to the pregnancy and now, mothering episode, Blake has seemed to not have the time to head over to the dresser’s for a hair dye. Instead, Blake has gone for the all-natural look with her dark roots showing in all their glory. It seems that now Blake is rocking a fabulous ombre look that definitely suits her!

So if you’ve been looking for some hair inspiration, then take a note from the Blake Lively hair guidebook and try growing out those locks for a bit!