For years, one of the biggest skin controversies has been the one surrounding the correlation between sugar and the appearance of our skin. Women everywhere have fought against sugary cravings in fear of further ruining their complexion. However, does sugar really affect our skin as much as we think it does? Speaking out about the issue, Paula Begoun, Founder of skin care brand Paula’s Choice, states that sugar can absolutely affect the skin in a negative way.

Bryan Barron, Paula’s Choice Content and Research Director, has states that, “Eating too much sugar can lead to deeper wrinkles, more sagging, dull skin, skin that doesn’t heal well, and could potentially play a role in the formation of skin cancers.”

That’s some pretty shocking news for those of us who have a very big sweet tooth. However, we also had another big question on our minds, “Does chocolate affect breakouts as well?” To this question, Paula states that, “There is no research showing that to be the case. However, the sugar in chocolate is a problem for other aspects of skin aging.”

So while chocolate itself may not be entirely to blame, sugar can be found as the background troublemaker to our skincare issues. So what does all of this sugar related information mean for us all? Well, for one, limiting the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis should be a number one priority. Secondly, using products that work against sugar related skincare problems, such as creams with antioxidants, is a great way to begin repairing your skin from years of damage.