Ladies, forget the endlessly frustrating times you’ve attempted to part your hair and begin to feel relief as we show you guys a hair style tip that you’re not likely to forget. When it comes to hair parts, one of the most popular ones lately has been the center part. It seems that no hair part has as much versatility to it as a center part does. Whether you’re heading out to a fabulous party or just kicking it back with a couple of your girlfriend’s, a center parted hair style is the perfect hairdo for you!

However, one of the biggest complaints that we hear from ladies on a regular basis is just how difficult parting your hair perfectly can be. Due to this complaint, we decided to seek out some fabulous advice on how to part your hair the natural way. Matt Fugate, a NYC hairstylist, spoke to recently about his technique on creating the perfect center part each and every time.

“Use the tip of your nose as a centering point and place your finger on it,” Matt directed to “If you part to your finger, you usually draw a cleaner line than just mindlessly trying to draw a straight line.”

What an easy and useful method to keep in mind the next time you’re attempting to part your hair down the middle! Another great tip to keep in mind is to part your hair when it is damp, as this makes finding the natural part on your scalp much easier!