One of the most highly debated topics when it comes to skincare is how often one should wash their face. Beauty and skincare experts all seem to constantly evade answering the question, all the while, the rest of us are unsure of what exactly to do. Do we wash our face consistently in order to clean out the oil and bacteria or do we leave it be? Well, finally, it seems that the long sought after answer to our question has finally come from the mouth of Miami-based dermatologist, Barry Resnik. When it comes to taking care of your face, Resnik is certainly against the constant over washing.

Resnik has stated that getting your skin squeak clean is a common mistaken practice among men and women.

“Our skin will replenish the oil, but the ongoing assault of washing will yield only reddened, irritated skin,” Resnik says, “This will also make it harder for our repair processes to replace collagen and keep us looking good.┬áTired, irritated skin with lots of lines is not a great end point!”

So if we’re not supposed to excessively wash our faces, how often should we wash them? Well, according to Resnik, once a day is more than enough for our skin. So whether you choose to leave that for your bedtime or morning routine is up to you. Resnik also states that using a soapless cleanser is another great way to avoid ridding your face of beneficial oils. So quit over washing and instead wash when it counts in order to keep your skin glowing and beautiful!