Have you been dealing with a multitude of different breakouts on your face? Annoying, isn’t it? Nothing is more frustrating and more confidence breaking than having zits cover up your entire face. While many people deal with the various breakout now and again, there are times when it seems that breakouts have taken over our face. If you’re dealing with the latter of the bunch, then you may want to look into what exactly might be causing your sudden skin problem. We’ve discovered some of the most overlooked problems that cause breakouts and you may be surprised to find them out.

Have you been noticing an excessive amount of pimples around your forehead area? Then it may be your hair gels and or hair pastes to blame. Hair gels and pastes are usually very thick, so if they manage to drip down onto your forehead and sides, your pores can be in for some serious clogging. With your pores now clogged with hair gel, you can expect to find a multitude of zits popping up. In order to keep this from happening, always wash your hands after using your hair gels and avoid placing any of the products on your hairline.

Another big problem starter for many ladies is an oily set of bangs. If you happen to love skipping hair washday, your forehead may be the one that pays for it in the end. If you notice that your hair is starting to get greasy, simply grab a bobby pin and place your bands out of the way. You’ll be surprised by how much it helps deter your forehead breakouts.