Clearing up acne and brightening up your complexion may come down to adding more oil to your skincare routine. If you’re thinking that this may sound counterintuitive then you’ve never tried out the right face oil. Even if you have oily skin, especially now in the summer months, you’ll be surprised to find just how much face oil can benefit your skin in many ways. Recently, there has been an upsurge of positive comments surrounding the Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. Everyone has raved about this face oil and we decided that it was about time we looked into what makes it so special.

It seems that this oil is a triple-action brightening blend. Many women have been claiming that this face oil has tremendously helped with their acne and skin problems. The oil holds a powerful anti-inflammatory extract that helps reduce redness in the skin all while evening out your complexion. Many women swear by the oil and claim that they have noticed a huge difference in the brightness and texture of their skin. Unlike many other popular face oils, the Uma oil is formulated from a pomegranate base, meaning that it won’t be as thick. The oil easily absorbs into the skin and is a great oil for when you’re trying to get that extra summer glow during the day.

You can purchase this life changing face oil from the Uma website for $150, making it a bit of a skin splurge but highly worth it!