These days, the perfume scent you choose can really define you as a woman. One of the most popular summer fragrances for the business savvy woman happens to be clean and lightweight scents. When you’re heading out to the office you don’t want to be doused in a scent that will be off putting. Some sensual and sultry scents are appropriate for a date night out, while powdery scents can just be overwhelming and remind you of the older lady in your office. Instead, what you need is a light and beautiful scent that will get you noticed but for all the right reasons.

When you hear the word ‘clean’, however, you may get the wrong impression. Speaking out to Refinery 29, fragrance expert Chandler Burr explains the type of scent that ‘clean’ is, “It’s pure luminescence, or light turned somehow into scent. New materials, including some terrific fragrance molecules, have allowed scent artists to create them.”

A fantastic clean smelling fragrance that we have been long obsessed with is the Jo Malone London French Lime Blossom Cologne. This fantastic scent encompasses notes of florals like orange blossom, herbs like tarragon, and romantic scents like roses. What you’re left with is a hypnotizing cologne that can be worn gracefully during the day and then layered on more for a fun night out. The cologne is currently available on the Nordstrom website for $125 for a 3.4 oz bottle. You’ll definitely fall in love with this gorgeous and classy scent for this summer season.