When worn properly, blush can be the best part of your makeup routine. Blush adds a beautiful shade of color to your face without making you looking overly pinkish or red. Blush can give your face a breath of life and keep you from looking too dull or colorless. However, some of the biggest makeup mistakes seem to also revolve around applying blush. Applying blush truly is an art craft and when done correctly it can make a world of a difference. If you apply blush the wrong way, however, you can be left looking like a clown from the circus.

One of the most important steps to blush is finding the right color for your skin tone. Certain blushes will appear differently on various skin tone shades. A baby pink blush will look entirely different on a lighter complexion as opposed to a darker complexion. Finding the right shade should depend on your undertones, so if you’re cooler you’ll want to go after pinks while warmer skin tones will want to opt for more peachy colored blushes. The next step to blush perfection is to avoid applying the blush only on the apples of your cheeks. This application technique is the quickest way to age your face. Instead, apply the blush evenly from your apples to the sides of your ears.

Another blush mistake to avoid are blushes with an excessive amount of shimmer. These blushes can make your skin appear oilier and much more slick than you’d like.