One of our favorite nail polish brands, Essie, is going to be undergoing a huge change for the summer. For years, Essie has been the go-to nail polish brand for the everyday girl. The brand has always stayed super affordable and have an amazing formula that is less prone to chipping unlike other competitor brands. In fact, the brand is so reliable that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, and Dakota Fanning all rely solely on Essie for their nail polish needs. So when we found out that the brand was going through some image changes, we instantly wanted to know what was up.

It seems that Essie will be changing up their nail polish bottles appearance – however, there’s no need to panic! The change is stemming from a new line that the brand plans on releasing in June. The new line will be all gel nail polish formulas. The Gel Couture line will include 42 shades to choose from and the bottle is stunning. The bottle is shaped with the body of the polish inverted, making it easier to hold onto when you’re painting your own nails. The brand stated that they got the idea of the polish bottle from couture fashion lines. Along with the change of appearance and formula, the line also features an updated brush stem that will prevent drips and spills. The brush is also designed wider in order to mimic the shape of your nails to make application that much easier.

We are super excited for the launch of this new couture Essie polish line!