One of our absolute favorite makeup brands, Too Faced Cosmetics, has decided to give us all a sweet tooth as they teased up about a new and upcoming launch. Anytime we hear about news coming from Too Faced we get super excited, as the brand is all about adorable makeup packaging with products that are too amazing! This week, a tease post was released on the Too Faced Instagram account featuring a brand new palette that is set to launch in Spring 2017. While the release date may be far off, we still can’t help but daydream about the color possibilities of this new palette.

According to the post, the new palette will be called the Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette. The palette will be a compact piece that will make it easy to travel with. Once again, the brand will stick with their chocolate themed eyeshadow palettes, similar to some of the other most popular ones such as the original Chocolate Bar Palette, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, and the Chocolate Bon-Bons palette. According to the brand, research has shown that the smell of chocolate can give your mood the ultimate boost, which is why all of their palettes smell and even taste like chocolate.

We’re incredibly excited for more revelations about the palette to be revealed over the next couple of months leading into the release date and it seems like we’re not the only ones. The Too Faced Instagram account was flooded with comments from makeup lovers everywhere dying to find out more about the palette.