Liquid lipsticks have taken over the makeup world, one brand at a time. When they were originally released a few years back, many makeup artists and gurus had their doubts about liquid lipsticks. For one, the formula was entirely different, leaving the lips with a completely different look and feel. Throughout the years, several companies took it upon themselves to improve on the liquid formula, perfecting it completely. Nowadays, the liquid lipstick has become the go-to lip product for many. From Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new line to the ever so popular Kylie Jenner lipsticks, this one beauty trend is only beginning to explode in popularity.

Deciding to step their makeup game up to current times, Nars Cosmetics has revealed their newest makeup collection: the liquid lipstick. This summer, Nars plans to launch 4 incredibly unique liquid lipsticks that will throw everyone out on a loop. The shades range from two in the red family and two in the more pinkish nude range. The lipsticks will be highly pigmented and leave you with a luminous and hydrating finish, perfect for those of us who hate dealing with chapped or cracked lips. These liquid lipsticks will certainly become the new go-to product of the summer for when you want just a bit of long-lasting color on your lips.

The liquid lipsticks are currently available on the Nars website and are priced at $28 each. The most recent reviews of the lipsticks have been generally positive, so we can’t wait to try out the new formula for ourselves!