Have you ever wondered about how much time you spend on your daily beauty routines? Well, in UK, the question was posed as to how much time women spend on their beauty routines, and the results were frightening! A UK study went into detail about how much of our lives are withered away by various beauty routines, so next time to go in to pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs, keep these numbers in mind.

  1. Shaving Legs: The next time you grab your razor and some shaving cream, keep in mind that this ‘fun’ beauty task takes off 72 days of your entire life! This number has definitely convinced us to overlook our stubbly leg hair more often.
  2. Styling Hair: Are you a fan of straightening your locks or curling your hair up on a regular basis? Well, according to the UK study, 17 percent of women spend roughly 16 minutes styling their hair per day. What does that number add up to in your life? You’re looking at 294 days less in your life! Can you believe it?!
  3. Plucking Eyebrows: Having Instagram worthy brows has become a huge obsession in the beauty world over the past few years. But, if you have been plucking and maintaining your eyebrows excessively, then you’re looking at knocking off 30 days in your entire life. Now, while we agree that ‘Insta worthy’ brows are certainly beautiful, are they really worth those 30 days of your life? Hmm.

So next time you’re about to perform your beauty tasks, remember these numbers and prioritize your time well!