There is truly nothing more essential to the summertime season than smelling absolutely wonderful as soon as you step out the door. Since the summer weather is usually so hot that we’re sweating as soon as we stand outdoors, piling on the makeup before heading out tends to end in a sweaty pile of colors dripping down our faces. With makeup being put on the back burner for the summer, as girls, we start to rely on more creative measures to keep ourselves looking and feeling just as beautiful and amazing. One way to accomplish this to smell amazing no matter where we go.

If there were one perfume that instantly makes us think of summertime it would have to be the┬áTom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua. This dazzling perfume is perfected with notes of citrus and amber that leaves you with a fresh and light scent that is not too overwhelming at all for summer. The brand boasts that the style of the perfume is synonymous with the phrases vibrant, sparkling, and transportive. The scent will make you feel like you are hanging out on your own secluded island, taking in deep breaths of the ocean scent as all of your troubles seemingly melt away. You’ll be blown away by the scent and you’ll be surprised by the compliments that begin to pour in as everyone else gets a whiff of you.

The Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua perfume can be purchased from the Sephora website starting at $150.