Too Faced Cosmetics has finally found a way to get into the heart of every nostalgic 90s child. If you remember your childhood pretty well, then you probably remember how we used to love to decorate our stuff with a multitude of brightly colored stickers. Our sticker collections would define us and none of our merchandise was ever safe from our sticker obsession. Well, Too Faced has managed to tap into that with their new eyeshadow palette. The Too Faced Totally Cute palette is an adorable eyeshadow palette that at first glance may appear to be a bit on the less creative side.

However, despite the plain pink design of the eyeshadow case, what makes this palette so exciting to us 90s kids is that each palette comes complete with 2 sheets of stickers. That’s right, you can officially customize your eyeshadow palette like you would everything else when you were younger. The stickers are absolutely adorable and we love the concept. The inside of the palette is also a stunning sight as well. The palette features an array of neutral shades that are complemented against super bright sparkly shades like hot pink and lime-green. You can really embrace your inner eccentric child with the colors available in this palette.

The palette is set to launch on the Too Faced site on June 15th, while Sephora will officially have the palette in stock on July 15th. The palette is set to cost $36 – not too bad of a summer splurge if you ask us.