Dyson, a brand known for it’s innovative vacuums, hand dryers and blameless fans, may have just innovated the hair drying space. The company has recently decided to dip their toes into the beauty world and have come out with one of the coolest looking blowdryers we have ever seen. The¬†Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the result of $71 million worth of investments into creating the most effective and lightweight hairdryer of all time. The investment resulted in tons of research into the technology of hair drying and the exact science behind it. The research looked into how the heat affects hair strands and the best ways to style hair with a blow dryer.

The blow dryer was designed by James Dyson himself and features a multitude of unheard of blowdrying qualities. The dryer comes with intelligent heat distribution design that promotes hair shine and a highly powerful digital motor. Despite the powerful motor, the dryer manages to be incredibly quiet as well, meaning that you’ll no longer have to listen to the incessantly annoying whirring of a blow dryer in the mornings. One of the biggest hairstylists at the moment, Jen Atkin, has recently been appointed ambassador of the product.

Atkin spoke out about the dryer, stating,¬†“The motor is much smaller, but still very powerful, so I can dry hair quickly, and it feels light in my hand.”

Atkin’s has her own hair care line, Ouai, and is also very often utilized by the Kardashian sisters as a major stylist.