Demi Lovato has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past few years. After she battled body issues and came forward with it to all of her fans, she has become a beacon of hope to many with low self-esteem. Recently, Demi has been spotted at some of the hottest events, wearing outfits that many of us have been eyeballing with envy. This week, Demi was found posing on the red carpet of the BBC Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards. Demi looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous in her very retro outfit for the event. Since nostalgia has taken over much of the fashion and beauty industry, this sort of fashion take back is exactly what we would have expected from our favorite singer.

For the look, Demi rocked a white long sleeved top along with a $960 Miu Miu Houndstooth Wool and Cotton Blend Boucle Tweed Mini Skirt. The white top had such a 70s vibe to it, along with a sort of pilgrim-esque design on the very front. The tweed mini skirt featured a very chic houndstooth design, a very popular pattern when the weather is cooler. The skirt was in A-line formation, complimenting Demi’s beautifully curvaceous figure. Demi finished off the look with a stunning pair of deep red, platform heels with a peep toe design. These heels were the perfect finishing touch to such a wonderfully retro look. We are seriously head over heels for Demi’s look on the red carpet.

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